Marnie’s Bio

Each of us has a unique way of viewing the world and processing our experiences.

For me, even before becoming a therapist, I was fascinated by relationships. From an early age, I paid close attention to my own relationships with friends and family. Later, in college, as other students gravitated to me for a sympathetic ear and advice, this natural empathy developed into an intense interest in learning about human development, behavior and communication styles.

Over time, I became more aware of how we also have relationships with our own emotions. What we believe and how we feel about ourselves affects our choices and decisions. After completing both Undergraduate and Master’s Degrees in Social Work, my philosophy about the benefits of therapy took form: ultimately, our relationship with self and others defines the very quality of our life.

Looking back on 20+ years in private practice, I feel it is an honor to work with such courageous people – brave enough to look at themselves honestly and motivated enough to seek life-enhancing change. Psychotherapy is a learning process that clients and I go through together. I’ve been privileged to have trusting and productive relationships with people from all walks of life.

In fact, while the issues that bring people to therapy are common to the human experience – relationship conflicts, grief, anxiety, depression, fear and addiction – each person is unique. What you can expect when working with me, is an individual approach. Together, we identify your specific struggles and challenges in a safe and encouraging environment. Together, we gently move through the pain to reach a deeper understanding. Our shared goal is to help you achieve a more comfortable and contented way of living in the world.  Isn’t that what we all want?

Marnie Stern, At-A-Glance
BA, University of Wisconsin, Madison
MSW, University of Denver
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
10 years, Social Work with Public Agencies
20 years, Private Practice, Colorado License #985019
Mom, Dog-lover, Nature-lover, Avid Reader