Individual Psychotherapy:
Using a blend of humanistic, experiential and cognitive behavioral techniques, I work one-on-one with men, women, adolescents and young adults who are struggling with a range of challenges. Whether you are concerned with personal growth, a relationship transition such as marriage or divorce, a death of a loved one, depression or anxiety, we will work together to set and reach your desired goals. 

Couples Therapy:
Couples seeking to resolve conflict and establish deeper connections benefit from therapy when I help them develop key communication skills. By taking an interpersonal, emotionally-focused approach, I encourage the couple’s understanding of themselves and their relationship. Improved communication and greater understanding help to reduce the barriers that have grown over time and lead to relationship-enhancing behavior changes.

Family Therapy:
Today, family life can be quite complex. Strains on parents can affect children and difficulties with children can affect adult relationships. Even the economy can breach the walls of home and create stresses for families. My interactive and experiential approach helps family members of all ages to make important changes together. By seeking a balance of acceptance and letting go, we work to heal relationships.

Participating in parenting counseling in conjunction with family therapy can be a very effective way to become a healthier, happier family. Facing how you are parenting or what is happening with your children can be incredibly painful.  Parenting styles vary greatly so we spend time evaluating what is working and what is not. Together, we design structured strategies for parenting success.